1. What size of structure do I need?

    We usually allow approximately 2.2sqm per guest for a lounge set up, 1.75 sqm per guest for a dinner dance, 1.5sqm for a plated dinner and 1.2sqm per guest for a cocktail reception. This is a basic guide, but if you provide details about your event we can advise more precisely.

  2. What are your smallest structures?

    Our smallest structure is a 3m x 3m canopy. We have many different canopy sizes such as 4m x 3m, 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m.

  3. What is your largest structure?

    Our largest structure is 50m wide. We also have structures that are 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m and 40m wide.


  1. What is included in the basic interior fit out?

    A structure supplied with basic fit out will have tack-off wall and roof linings, carpet, basic lights and air conditioning. If you have chosen to have windows in your structure, then soffits and leg columns will also be included.

  2. If I have a creative vision for my event, are you able to design and custom make items to fit with my vision?

    We have a dedicated Event Design team who can take your brief and turn this into reality. They will design and create custom furniture and custom interior finishing as required.


  1. How many furniture items do you have?

    Please refer to our Website; www.harlequinmarquees.com

  2. Do you make bespoke furniture that I can buy?

    Yes. We are able to make custom furniture for your event and this can be sold.

  3. Do you charge to replace or repair broken or damaged furniture items?

    This depends on the item of furniture and the level of damage and circumstances. All our furniture items are rental items and we appreciate that wear and tear is inevitable. Unless items are damaged as a result of negligence or items are missing completely, we always aim to repair at no cost to the client.